Let's Go Guang! Chinese for Children Series
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Academics' Choice Award™ Winner

Academics' Choice Smart Media Award

Let's Go Guang! Chinese for Children Series (DVD, Audio CD, Book, Flash Cards)

Ages: 2 - 8
Price: $49.95
Type: DVD, Audio CD, Book, Flash Cards
By aha!Chinese, Inc.


Let's Go Guang! Chinese for Children is an award winning bilingual language series recognized for its fun, interactive way of teaching Mandarin as a second language. Designed to teach children at a time when itís easiest to learn, the team at aha!Chinese put together linguists from the Beijing Foreign Language Institute, former George Lucas animators, an Emmy-nominated composer, an award winning graphic designer, and a Broadway singer to create a sensory experience that entices children and their parents to learn. Kids delight in each volume as sister and brother, Ling and Kai, with their friend, Guang, a fun-loving dragon who guides them through the rich world of Chinese language and culture. Between the lovable characters, engaging story lines, high quality graphics, and memorable songs, children ask to watch, read and play with Let's Go Guang! over and over again.

aha!Chineseís well researched aha!Method helps children learn effortlessly by weaving language learning into story time. Letís Go Guang!Ē takes a bilingual approach that introduces Chinese words and phrases along with English. These words and phrases are then reinforced through the use of repetition, mini-lessons and songs. Children learn to speak Chinese without even realizing it and parents have fun learning and teaching alongside them!

Each volume of the series reviews the Chinese vocabulary taught in previous volumes while also introducing new vocabulary that serves as building blocks to developing a conversational repertoire of Mandarin Chinese. Children learn how to properly pronounce useful everyday Chinese words, phrases and sentences. Let's Go Guang! Chinese for Children comes as a complete set of reinforcing materials, which stimulate visual, aural, and even physical learning.

Letís Go Guang! Chinese for Children is the Winner of many awards, including:
-Academics' Choice Smart Media Award
-Dr. Toyís 10 Best Educational and 100 Best Childrenís Products Awards
-Recipient of iParenting Mediaís Greatest Products Award, Disney Internet Group
-Recipient of Momís Choice Gold Award

Each Learning Kit Includes:
-DVD: Animated Feature, Cultural Live Action Short, Mini Lessons and Songs. Bilingual Presentation.
-Hardback Storybook: Story based on animated feature with Pinyin, Simplified Chinese Characters, and English.
-Audio CD includes a lively narrated story and full versions of the songs
-Flash Cards/Game cards (2 sets) with Simplified Chinese Characters, Pinyin, and English
-Parents/Educator Reference Guide

For Children 2-8 but fun for all.

Review Highlights:

Letís Go Guang! has been a wonderful addition to my home school experience. Aha!Chinese has† done a fabulous job in creating a fully comprehensive product to learn the Mandarin language. My kindergartener was instantly engaged by the colorful packaging and all that came inside. He loves that Ye Ye practices dragon style Gung Fu. He also loves the part of the story when Ye Ye chops the watermelon and pieces end up all over the place! It really got him asking questions and becoming more familiar with Chinese culture. His interest in the story's content made learning how to count to 10 and say 'hello' much easier for him. We intend to infuse more Chinese language and culture in our homeschool experience. I highly recommend Letís Go Guang to anyone interested in learning Mandarin! Xie xie Aha Chinese!

We really liked how the book and DVD present English and Mandarin side by side. It helped teach how to say hello, what's your name, and count to 10 much easier than we thought it would. My daughter loved the DVD!.

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