LeapFrog® Slide-to-Read ABC Flash Cards™
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LeapFrog® Slide-to-Read ABC Flash Cards™

Ages: 3 - 5
Price: $17.99
Type: Electronics, Game, Toy, Book, Flash Cards
By LeapFrog


Slide into reading with the Slide-to-Read ABC Flash Cards™. From A-Z, the 13 double-sided cards feature letters, words, sentences and colorful pictures. Learning our ABCs is as easy as counting 1, 2, 3. Preschoolers can touch the card to explore a letter sound, words that begin with that letter and a silly animal sentence. The mouse makes milkshakes! Slide your finger across the sentences from left to right, fast or slow, to follow along while hearing it read aloud. Let's search! Hunt for the pictures or words on the card that the tablet asks for and touch the words and pictures to find them. Add music to the mix and touch the A-Z flash cards to add a variety of sound effects to five different melodies. Sing along to two letter songs by pressing the light-up star button. Slide the cards in the back to securely store them, then grab the handle to take it on the go.

Review Highlights:

LeapFrog Slide to Read ABC Flashcards are a great addition to early learning practice. These flashcards make for fun, interactive play with learning tools that can be taken "on the go" in the car or for replacing a phone/app request by little learners. The tangible nature of flashcards are something parents and educators have long reached for in their toolkit of learning. The LeapFrog Slide to Read ABC Flashcards make flashcards interactive with touch points, music, and auditory cues. As a speech therapist, I work with preschool students to build their vocabulary, strengthen their following directions skills, build their basic concepts, and answer questions. The LeapFrog Slide-to-Read ABC flashcards are a useful tool to continue the work of comprehension and expression beyond the classroom. I highly recommend the Slide-to-Read ABC Flashcards to strengthen the pre-reading skills of preschoolers!

LeapFrog's Slide-to-Read ABC Flash Cards are a teaching delight! The interactive technology engages young learners, turning alphabet practice into an enjoyable experience. The cards effectively reinforce letter recognition and phonics, promoting early literacy skills. As an educator, I highly recommend these flashcards for their innovative approach to making learning fun and effective in the classroom. This was great for both individual and small group work!

I love LeapFrog products and these ABC flash cards do not disappoint. There is a convenient carry handle and overall "tablet" size make this a great travel companion for kids over 3.

Skills worked on include early literacy skills such as letter naming and sound/letter correspondence (phonics). Skills include following directions from an auditory cue, integrating colors, numbers, and general vocabulary into practice with the cards.

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