LeapFrog Epic™ Academy Edition
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LeapFrog Epic™ Academy Edition

Ages: 3 - 9
Price: $119.99
Type: Electronics, Game, Toy, App, Book, Gear & Equipment
By  LeapFrog


Explore, play, imagine and create with the LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition. The tablet is packed with kid-appropriate on-board learning content including 20 learning games that explore a range of subjects and skills and a free trial of LeapFrog Academy™. Play anywhere with LeapFrog Academy, an interactive learning program for 3-6 year olds that guides them on a variety of fun Learning Adventures. Through a well-rounded curriculum, they'll explore a blend of traditional school subjects with creativity, problem solving and social-emotional skills. You'll also have access to the LeapFrog® Learning Library that includes hundreds of games, apps, videos and music. Plus, our exclusive Just for Me™ learning technology personalizes select games so children can learn at the right level. Kid-safe right out of the box, the LeapSearch™ web browser lets kids safely surf the Internet and parental controls allow Mom and Dad to set time limits, manage apps and services, and add features such as Android apps as each child is ready. Uniquely designed to grow with children, this tablet offers endless learning and creative play.

Review Highlights:

With LeapFrog Epic, children learn phonics, visual perceptual skills, hand-eye coordination, identification of numbers, computation, social-emotional....too many to name!

Lots of fun games! My boy liked the body game that teaches you about different parts of your body.

This machine is basically an iPad for a child, but better. All content is safe, child appropriate, and restrictions are easy to set. I let my boy explore this pad for about an hour and he just wouldn't get off the thing! He loved the videos, the games, and just the experience with the LeapFrog Academy. Once we hooked it up to the internet the learning opportunities grew even bigger. I so highly recommend this product to any parent that wants a safe way for their child to learn and play with technology. It's also easier to rationalize that hour a day for your child's tech time, while you and your significant other get time of their own :)

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