My First Learning Tablet™
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My First Learning Tablet™

Ages: 1 - 3
Price: $17.99
Type: Electronics, Game, Toy, App, Gear & Equipment
By  LeapFrog


Tap, swipe and experience a learning light show with My First Learning Tablet™. This kid-tough toddler tablet feels like mom and dad's with a home button and 20 app icons that introduce letters, numbers, shapes, animals, colors and more. Five icons on the bottom of the tablet include phone, clock, Scout button, camera and music player for role-play excitement. Tap the apps in Explore, Learn or Music modes for a variety of playful activities. Press the animal apps to learn fun animal facts, choose the 123 and ABC apps to explore numbers and letters, learn colors with the rainbow app and more! Every button lights up and activates a unique pattern of lights, colors and sounds. Touch and slide fingers over the screen and the little tablet will create special sounds and a multicolor light show. Learn and play with Scout and friends.

Review Highlights:

Leap Frog's First Learning Tablet and games cover a wide range of early learning skills in a fun, and often musical, approach. Some of the concepts that are addressed include shapes, numbers, colors, animal noises, animal facts, culture/language, basic weather, and simple rhymes. I also like that there is a motor button that encourages the child to jump up and down. My fourteen month old niece had a smile on her face from the second that we handed it to her. Despite being surrounded by familiar toys, she was attracked to the bright lights, and music of her First Learning Tablet.

Although the buttons are meant to be targeted with fine motor control (touched with the pointer finger), Leap Frog's My First Learning Tablet responds well to having multiple buttons pressed simultaneously. Instead of trying to isolate which button was hit, it will play a short tune keeping the child involved and encouraging interaction. The feedback from pushing the buttons is often a short statement or a short burst of music, which is good for children of this age with notoriously short attention spans. The multiple buttons will stimulate the curiousity of children as they attempt to find out what they all do. My niece was able to navigate the various button controls without much difficulty.

The product comes with batteries - always a plus when there are eager hands ready to play with their new toy. It requires three AAA batteries. A neat feature is that Leap Frog's My First Learning Tablet will automatically shut off when it stops being played with. This will conserve the battery life. It also has two different volume settings.

Our family has always loved Leap Frog products; we bought our first Leap Frog product fifteen years ago when our children were young, and now continue to buy them for our nieces and nephews. Leap Frog's First Learning Tablet did not disappoint. Like its predecessors, Leap Frog's First Learning Tablet is durable - something very important in products for children 12 months and older. There is a clear plastic coating over the buttons protecting the product from sticky fingers. It is also easy to clean.

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