Teknikio Sparking Sense Kit
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Teknikio Sparking Sense Kit

Ages: 8 and up
Price: $24.00
Type: Electronics, Toy, Gear & Equipment
By Teknikio


Learn about 5 different mechanical switches and then design your own! There are hundreds of switches in the world, but why? Did you know that switches can act as sensors? The sparking sense set has our favorite sensing switches and we walk you through how to build gadgets with each one.

Each set includes
2 LEDs
1 Teknikio batteryboard
1 battery
4 alligator clips
1 lever switch
1 tilt switch
1 push button switch
1 rocker switch
1 reed switch
1 cardboard model
1 piece conductive tape
1 buzzer

Skills: mechanics, circuits, design thinking

Review Highlights:

The Teknikio Sparking Sense Kit teaches and shows how electic currents work and provides children with practice following written instructions. The product also introduces the basics of design thinking (empathize, define - the problem, ideate, prototype, and test). The kit encourages creative thinking, and allows teachers an effective way to introduce more advanced concepts such as functional design, force, velocity, and voltage.

The product provides a creative way to learn about circuits, while producing something interesting. My 11 year old enjoyed the buzzer circuit the best. This product is a very good introduction to electric currents and what can be done with them. This product is one of the better STEM products out there.

I appreciated the fact that my 11 year old son was able to use this product with little supervision.

This is an excellent product.

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