681 Math Flash Cards Bundle Pack - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
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681 Math Flash Cards Bundle Pack - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

Ages: 5 - 12
Price: $89.99
Type: Game, Book, Flashcards
By Think Tank Scholar


Think Tank Scholar Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division Flash Cards provide an easy, smart and effective way to make learning math fun while ensuring your child understands math fundamentals in preparation for complex concepts like fractions and percent. These flashcards were specially designed to boost Kindergarten, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 grade students' fact recall and math literacy.

The Math Bundle Pack comes with 681 math flashcards for students in kindergarten through sixth grade, including all addition, multiplication, division facts 0-12 and all subtraction facts 0-17 plus 16 bonus facts.

The Math Bundle Pack also comes with 20 teaching methods, 20 fun learning games and full addition, subtraction, multiplication and division charts for reference.

Think Tank Scholar's extra design considerations make the difference in beginning and advanced learners' complete understanding of the math concepts, thus inspiring pride in their knowledge. Here's to a lifetime love of creative thinking and learning!


Review Highlights:

This product helps students memorize math facts. The bundle includes flashcards for addition (0-12), subtraction (0-17), multiplication (0-12) and division (0-12). This is a high quality product. The flash cards for each operation are packaged in a sturdy box which includes the cards as well as dividers for "Don't Know Yet", "Sort of Know" and "Mastered". Cards in the front of the box explain teaching methods and recommended games. The cards are sturdy and large (3" by 5") and include both the answer and a graphic representation of the fact on the back. The cards are also color coded by fact, so for example you could pull out the purple coded cards if you want to practice only your multiplication facts. These are easy to use successfully, easy to find what you need if you are focusing on specific areas, and will last a long time - excellent for a classroom situation.

The high quality of this product was immediately obvious. These will last longer than other flash cards, and the color coding and tab system makes them more efficient to use than others I've seen.

First of all, the flash cards come in sturdy, beautiful boxes! This is very nice! Each box has tabs to sort the "mastered" facts, "sort of know" facts and "don't know yet" facts. This is an extremely helpful little addition to these boxes as the sorting comes naturally as a child learns and these tabs are vital to keeping them sorted! They also have encouraging quotes by famous people to encourage the learner to press on and keep trying. Each box has methods to learning and games to think outside of just memorizing facts but to think about math in new ways. Each flash card containing a math fact has a reverse side with not just the answer but a small graphic to show how the math would be counted out visually. Great for visual learners! Each flashcard is color coded for the focused key number being worked on. It is very rewarding to move on to another color as one is mastered. There are also random bonus flashcards to challenge mathematical thinking.

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