Algebra is a Game
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Algebra is a Game (El Algebra es un Juego)

Ages: 11 and up
Price: $45.99
Type: Game
By Hernando Acevedo Rios


"Algebra is a Game" is a mathematic work where another alternative is presented to explain most of Algebra's topics. It is a game that contains a board that represents the Cartesian plane with the expanded axes and a set of tridimensional tiles: 72 green tiles (each represents a unit), 18 blue tiles (each represents variable x), 18 gray tiles (each represents variable y ), 24 yellow tiles (each represents variable x^2), 12 orange tiles (each represents variable x^3) and 6 purple tiles (each represents variable x^4).

The user can apply this teaching tool as a complement to understand and geometrically verify many algebraic aspects. In addition, anyone can increase their reasoning ability and develop their creativity by manipulating this material following the game rules, which are explained in detail in the CD in the Power Point file: "Algebra is a Game".

The most important thing is that with "Algebra is a Game" users will feel that each day more and more people will love and enjoy Mathematics.

Note: the game is currently only available in Spanish. An English version is coming soon.


Review Highlights:

The game helps children develop algebraic understanding. The game and included guidebook walks students through a variety of algebraic formulas and mathematical problems. Algebra is a Game helps show students how to represent and solve algebra problems.

So many students struggle with math because it's hard to visualize. Once kids move past early elementary math (ie- story problems), it becomes more difficult to represent math problems and equations. With 70% of students being visual learners, this is a big problem! Enter products like Algebra is a Game! As a former teacher turned homeschooling parent, I am thrilled to see a mathematics-based product that is both visual and tactile! When kids can see AND touch math - their brain ignites and meaning is made!

The included guidebook is incredibly comprehensive. It walks students through various types of algebraic formulas step by step, helping them use the included pieces and Cartesian plane to visualize and solve the problems. From experience with a daughter currently working through Algebra 1, having visual step-by-step instruction is critical for a visual learner! Having a book AND a board with movable pieces is incredible. Not only can kids see exactly how (and WHY) to place each piece, but they can physically do it on their own. It's layers upon layers of understanding.

I love that the game board is a Cartesian plane! Rene Descartes would be proud. The game helps students visualize in a concrete way the abstract concepts involved in algebra. It covers important topics such as the rule of signs, operations with polynomials (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), the square root of numbers, and the operations with positive and negative integers. Once you learn the rules and the incorrect positions the game becomes an incredibly powerful teaching tool.

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