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Ages: 7 and up
Price: $34.99
Type: Game, Toy
By FoxMind Toys & Games


Players construct 3D models based on illustrations in perspective. From simple shapes to complex structures, players develop stronger notions of geometric concepts and 3D visualisation. While providing solid educational skills, it's also captivating and exciting!


Review Highlights:

This game/puzzle is fantastic. It's perfect for the whole family or classroom. There are many different challenge levels that get progressively harder. Students follow the image in the book and try to construct the object, or simply create their own models. It's great for both open-ended play and guided learning. It takes about 30+ minutes to complete the more advanced models so it's great for all ages.

We liked teaming up to solve the puzzles together. It is nice that there is a list of the pieces needed on each page, as well as an answer key in the back of the book.

Children practice spatial reasoning, problem-solving, geometric and critical thinking, observation, following directions, patience, and so much more.

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