Beast Moves SuperPower Pack
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Beast Moves SuperPower Pack

Ages: 5 and up
Price: $0.00
Type: Game
By Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine


SuperPower Packs are self-guided, educational experiences for kids lacking access to in-person veterinary role models. Each SuperPower Pack contains an activity to help kids engage in veterinary careers by taking on the persona of a veterinary superhero. The Beast Moves! SuperPower Pack helps kids find key muscles and bones and learn about how people and animals use them when they move! Then, kids can practice showing off their Beast Moves with exercise challenges! Thanks to support from NIH NIGMS SEPA and our sponsors we have given over 13,000 free SuperPower Packs to under-resourced children who are participating in our programs.

Review Highlights:

For kids that are interested in a veterinarian career (or just like animals), this is a fun game that is interactive as it encourage kids to show off their "beast moves" by doing different exercises. Younger kids will like the game and enjoy the cards, but they will love the paw/gloves the most.

The card activity is a fun spin on incorporating movement breaks with students. It adds interesting facts about your body parts and makes connections to animals that also have and use the same body parts.

The Beast Moves SuperPower Pack can be used whenever a movement break is needed. It included interesting facts about a variety of human body parts (muscles and bones) and how animals also use these muscles/bones to perform all sort of different functions. The illustrations are colorful and reflect a diverse group of kids.

Even young kids can understand and enjoy learning about animal/human anatomy and it's also great that it encourages kids to move, play, and stay healthy.

Children learn about different muscles and bones, anatomy, physical movement, compare/contrast, healthy habits, and much more.

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