Burger Academy
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Burger Academy

Ages: 8 and up
Price: $15.00
Type: Game
By Playroom Entertainment


Burger academy is a well-skinned introduction to coding. In the game players bid to find the most efficient way to build a burger using logical movements to solve the puzzle. The picnic aesthetic is inviting while the visual instructions and chunky burger-themed components work to engage the mind and body, serving both cognitive and hands-on learners by helping them visualize the moves then grab the burger pieces to build it.


Review Highlights:

Burger Academy is the ultimate game for practicing spatial visualization and thinking ahead! To play (and win) you must figure out how to move and manipulate pieces in your head. Players must employ critical thinking as well as strategy. This is a wonderful game to practice problem-solving as well.

Burger Academy appears to be a somewhat simple game, but I LOVED the hidden complexity behind it. The brightly colored foam pieces draw children in to a game that requires a high degree of critical thinking and evaluation. This is not a game where you can rely on luck or chance. To win, you MUST think critically and logically the entire time. As a parent, I loved watching my children play - seeing their minds at work, puzzling to solve the problem in front of them. So much learning was happening as we were playing a game!

I am not a visual learner - so games like Burger Academy are fantastic for me (and others like me!) to learn to SEE things in our head. This is a fun way to develop those forward thinking skills.

The game is adorable and the dials and fry points are very clever. The individual pieces and food theme makes the game very appealing to younger players.

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