Catch the Bug
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Catch the Bug

Ages: 3 - 5
Price: $10.99
Type: Game
By KLOO Games


Go beyond flashcards with these wonderful reading games. With KLOO's special colour coded cards, children can learn how to make their first sentences before they can even write. The games are absorbing and fun, encouraging children to win their games through good reading. In Catch the Bug, little readers win jungle friends by making and reading sentences. The jungle friends all connect in a bigger puzzle (see the picture above) to catch the Reading Bug. There are 4 reading games you can play with in this pack: Animal Pairs, Jungle Memory, Catch the Bug and Jumble Jungle. The games take the child through a gentle progression from single word games through to creative sentence making. It all spells out a lot of fun and quality learning for your child.


Review Highlights:

Catch the Bug is fun game for pre-k and elementary age children. It helps develop word recognition, problem solving, and early sentence formation.

The playing cards are cute and entertaining. It is great to help children with early word recognition. There is more than one game that can be played with the provided cards. Instructions are provided on play.

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KLOO Games

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