Discovery Cards Out & About
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Discovery Cards Out & About

Ages: 2 and up
Price: $9.99
Type: Game, Toy, Book, Flashcards
By The Learning Journey International LLC


Children will learn all about the world around them as they experience the new Discovery Cards. Each set features 26 double sided cards incorporating real photos and fun, fact filled Discovery Tips that parents and teachers can use to broaden and enhance the learning experience of the object on the front of the card. These educationally loaded Discovery Cards are a great teaching tool for everyone to use!


Review Highlights:

What a wonderful set of cards! These are large thick and colorful learning cards for prek and kindergarten children. There are 26 double sided cards with fun facts for either a classroom or kitchen table setting. My 6 year old is fact guy and he loved memorizing as many facts about each card. My other child enjoyed answering the more subjective questions on the cards. This set would be great for centers, small groups, memory practice or even simple supplements for the study of nature and the outdoors.

We loved the big pictures and fun facts! This is a durable set of cards! Great for preschool classes! The kids all grabbed cards and looked at them and then tried to read them. It was fun to hear what they already knew about spiders, ants, bees, trees! My helpers went around and read facts from the cards to the children. Great set of nature cards!

We loved the images and facts about nature. The cards helped my students practice visual skills, verbal skills, memorize and learn facts, and articulate thoughtful responses. The cards were great for various games such as What's Missing?, May I?, Draw it!, Memory, and even Musical Chairs. The tips on the cards really made my students think about the world around them!

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