Disruptus Game
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Disruptus Game

Ages: 10 and up
Price: $24.99
Type: Game
By Funnybone Toys


Disruptus is designed to introduce children to the innovation skills that we feel are not being taught in the American education system.

Based on the roll of a custom game die, players must take (based on the roll) one or two cards and "innovate" on what is on the cards in one of the four ways: Create, Improve, Transform, Disrupt

These innovations are easily taught by two animal characters, featured in the rule booklet.

The game can be played by oneself, with 2 players, or 3 or more players or teams. There are modification suggestions for younger players.

Besides being a great gift for kids, it also makes a great "party game" for adults!

It's also a wonderful museum piece with Funnybone Toys' signature design elements - and the fact that the cards are 100 beautifully rendered images that as a standalone item are fun to look at.


Review Highlights:

I'm always looking for ways to teach my students about innovation and creativity. This game offers great exercises for these essential skills. Disruptus will be used in my classroom next year for sure! I wish I had more copies!

This product is totally unique. It really gets your thinkiing to be more associative and creative. It also helps you or your child look at the function of an object. For younger children, that really increases comprehension. When this product arrived at our howm for review, it was very exciting. The packaging got all family members interested. The cube design with its sturdy construction and artwork was intriguing. Opening the box, looking at all the square cards, the little word die and timer packed in their own small compartments got us excited to read the instructions. Everything had its place. I could see this game would last in this house because it invited being put away. Now when we started playing this game the fun really began. The mindset for a logical thinker like me totally changed. I felt my mind expanding, ideas opening up, and different types of connections being made. Evaluation and judgement of every thought is suspended. This is difficult for some thinkers and is a really excellent exercise. The role of the judge in this game is allowed to have that job, but the player can just freely associate until something clicks and you come up with an answer. Sometimes you don't. Sometimes its very difficult and other times its just very funny. Listening to the ideas that others come up with is often hilarious in our household and always very interesting. I will recommend Disruptus to many friends. Its a great game for family game night and is so unique every time.

This is a very unique game in that it aims to teach divergent thinking. With our school system lacking in this essential skill (teaching creative and innovative thinking) due to the complexity of assessment that comes along with it, Funnybone has designed a game that should be fully embraced by all educators! This game could be used after assignments are completed or for small group, social development exercises. Disuptus let's the student begin problem solving in ways that are new to many people. It exercises the mind in areas of synthesizing and innovation. Great job in creating this wonderful game!

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