Emoji Blocks
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Emoji Blocks

Ages: 2 - 5
Price: $23.00
Type: Game, Toy
By Zagazoo


Emoji Blocks by Zagazoo is an open-ended educational and creative wooden-cards game for children aging 2-5. Emotional expression is a needful life skill when it comes to children's development. The ability to express emotions is a game-changer in human-social interaction. Therefore, Emoji Blocks smartly combines the skill of emotional expression with creativity in a fun, open-ended game through its set of 5 colorful wooden blocks & 6 double-faced cards. Its simple-illustrated cards are bilingual and feature a dozen situations for 1 or 2 collaborative players. The game presents the most common and familiar emotions that preschoolers may experience in their daily lives: happiness, sadness, fear, shyness, anger and disgust.

Every round the player/s first need(s) to identify the emotion that is triggered the most in each situation, then they use the wooden pieces to build a character from their imagination and can also enjoy knocking them down. The options and playing methods are endless. Emoji Blocks is a great fit and suitable game for children with special educational needs based on experts' opinions. The game incorporates 5 main skills that Zagazoo is keen to include in its games & activities: social-emotional, language, cognitive, motor, and behavioral skills.

The game is quite simple with few pieces, designed for little hands yet encourages self-expression, creativity, and collaborative play.


Review Highlights:

We really enjoyed the versatility and portability of this toy. It can be played at home or on the road. The blocks are well made with smooth edges, fun colors and prints. There are multiple ways to combine the blocks to create various characters, and multiple ways to play - one player, or more. It is a great addition to our toy collection and we love the handy little travel bag. Social emotional learning is a very important part of the education process, so to have a toy that addresses this aspect of early learning in a fun and seamless way, is such a great idea. This is not an easy topic to frame in a toy package, but Zagazoo did a great job creating an innovative product that kids will love playing.

Children learn and practice language, learning new vocabulary, motor skills, hand-eye coordination, composition, behavioral skills, applying and understanding emotional expressions in daily life, and social skills while communicating and collaborating.

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