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Ages: 8 - 12
Price: $35.00
Type: Game
By Kitki


Escape EVIL is a game designed to develop a child's curiosity to learn chemistry. Through the game, kids realize that chemistry is not an imaginary subject but a lot of materials around us involve fascinating chemical properties.

Four scientists from across the world were invited by the Earth Vision Industrial Labs (E.V.I.L) to create a chemical potion that could eradicate malnutrition from our planet. However, after reaching the laboratory, the scientists realize that the E.V.I.L Chairman has other plans in mind - to rule the world with a potent mind control potion. On refusing to cooperate, they were captured within their cells inside the laboratory. Guarded by a warden, it is not easy to escape E.V.I.L. However, the warden has one weakness, Magic! Can the scientists use chemicals within the lab to perform a magic trick, mesmerize the warden and escape E.V.I.L.?

The game includes sixteen magic tricks divided into three categories - beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Step 1: Pick a pawn and collect the corresponding color markers. Place the pawns in the similar colored cells on the board.
Step 2: Decide a preferred level of difficulty and choose one trick each.
Step 3: Identify the required chemicals on the board and reserve them by placing the color markers on the white circular spaces.
Step 4: Roll dice and move on the board following the arrows provided. Note that some spaces allow to move in two different directions (eg; Sodium Polyacrelate)
Step 5: Acquire money when landed in Guard spaces.
Step 6: Use this money to purchase chemicals and acquire the corresponding chemical card.
Step 7: If another player lands in a chemical you purchased, ask the question written behind the chemical card. If answered correctly, get $50, else, get $100.
Step 8: Once all required chemicals are collected, reach the warden's office, enact and show the magic trick to other players. Escape through the underground fire passage from next turn.
Note: You may choose to purchase and use Action Cards to improve your situation in the game.

The first player to reach the Freedom Flag wins.

Contents include: game board, 44 hat tokens, 4 characters and stands, 40 word ending cards to create over 160 words, spinner, instructions with complete word list.


Review Highlights:

Our family really enjoyed playing this game. It's Monopoly meets Snakes and Ladders with a chemistry twist! Our children became familiar with common chemicals on the periodic table and many interesting chemical reactions such as how potassium metal reacts very rapidly with water and creates a spark and flame (an exothermic reaction - a release of energy by light or heat). The trivia on the back of each chemical card was fascinating. We ended up doing some backyard experiments after we played the game a few times. I really liked how it introduced my 8 and 10-year-old to the "magic" of chemistry and physical science. Neither of them have taken any chemistry courses so this game was a real eye-opener for them. The game definitely brings a relatively dry subject to life in a fun and innovative way.

The game board, cards, and even the box are all well made and durable. There isn't a lot of strategy, but the game definitely involves planning and decision making and fosters an interest in the wonders of life and the science of matter.

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