GiiKER Super Blocks
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GiiKER Super Blocks

Ages: 6 and up
Price: $59.99
Type: Game
By GiiKER Technology Co., Ltd


Super Blocks is an interactive handheld console for jigsaw puzzles. The goal is to fill the light's area with indicated colors of puzzles, quickly start the game without setting up. Explore over 1000 leveled-up games with learning modes and time-limited challenges. It helps develop cognitive skills, concentration, spatial insights and logical reasoning while playing.


Review Highlights:

It's kind of like Tetris in the palm of your hand without a screen! The old school Game Boy feel was definitely appealing to my son. The increasing levels of difficulty has kept his attention for hours. I love that he is practicing his spatial and deductive reasoning while having so much fun!

It's no secret that attention spans in children have decreased with the rise of technology in the last couple of decades. Give your child a break from the screen-time and try this interactive puzzle instead. Children will improve their concentration levels, develop cognitive skills and spatial reasoning, and use logic to complete each puzzle. Children can use this individually or it can be enjoyed during family game night. Even adults will love to play it!

The game is colorful, easy to start, and keeps kids thinking and engaged for hours.

Children practice critical thinking, decision-making, spatial reasoning, concentration, analysis, observation, and so much more.

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