Hacevedo's Fraction Parcheesi
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Hacevedo's Fraction Parcheesi (Parques de Fracciones)

Ages: 8 and up
Price: $37.99
Type: Game
By Hernando Acevedo Rios


The Fractions Parcheesi is a game to "think", with medium-high level difficulty, influenced by chance. The Fractions Parcheesi is played very similar to a traditional Parcheesi. The dice have fractions instead of points and instead of counting one by one to move the tokens, you count 1/12 for each space. To get out of the start, you have to roll equivalent fractions (doublets) and to move the tokens; the fraction must be change to twelfths. Following the game rules of the traditional parcheesi you can get out of start, move each token counterclockwise, pass through safety spaces, capture an opponent's token, blow, go around obligated, roll again the dice when you get doublets, arrive to home safety space that matches your color.

The game contains a board for 4 players, 16 tokens: 4 sets of 4 colors, one set for each player (it can also be played with 2 or 3 tokens per player, depending on the time available), 2 dice (instead of points, the dice have fractions) and a game of "Prisms in Fractions".

Note: the game is also available in Spanish.


Review Highlights:

Fraction Parcheesi allows students to visually compare and evaluate fractions and determine equivalent fractions. The game also involves insane (in a good way!) amounts of critical thinking and reasoning. This game activates a child's brain and forces them to think critically about fraction equivalents - at times working out fairly complex math problems in their head! The game also develops the skill of adding fractions, as kids determine how many spaces to move around the board. As with any game, the game helps develop turn-taking, direction following, playing fair, and good sportsmanship.

The included fraction tool was hands-down my favorite part of the game. This highly visual and tactile math tool will be used frequently in our homeschooling, and could be marketed as a separate product for both public schools and homeschooling families. (It WOULD sell!)

I love that as kids play a semi-familiar game (similar to Trouble/Sorry), they have the opportunity to critically evaluate fractions and their equivalents. This is not just a casual game - it's a learning opportunity and fantastic teaching tool. The game element helps to make a topic that typically frustrates children fun and engaging. Why do endless math worksheets when you can play a game?! Using manipulatives and adding a competitive element is so much more fun (and thereby effective) than endlessly coloring in portions of circles and rectangles.

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