Hoyle Super Me
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Academics' Choice Award™ Winner

Hoyle Super Me™

Ages: 4 - 6
Price: $5.99
Type: Game
By United States Playing Card Company (USPC)


Save the day through play with Hoyle Super Me™! It reinforces empathy, helping others, and social skills for kids 4-6 while offering multiple levels/types of play to increase value and repeat play. Provides age appropriate skill building and is easy to learn, played in 15 minutes and FUN way for both child and parent.


Review Highlights:

What a great game for my 6 year old! It was empowering for him because he knew what to do most of the time. I really liked how the cards suggested a social inference that would only come about through empathy and compassion - something our school system seems to ignore after kindergarten or first grade. I highly recommend this card game for any family with young ones or even in a classroom setting to be dome in a small group or even full class situation.

I liked the simplicity and playfulness of the game. It was easy to start and for my child to understand. The game develops decision-making, matching, empathy, and social skills.

We liked the pictures and guessing how to best help the situation on the card.

We enjoyed playing this fun card game. I didn't spend but 5 minutes looking over the directions before we could actually start. Lots of games have too many rules and by the time parents read them all, the child is bored or already wanting to do something else. So I liked the simplicity of the game and how it is all about helping other people.

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