Jenga® Ocean Game
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Jenga® Ocean Game

Ages: 6 and up
Price: $49.95
Type: Game
By Art's Ideas


This game is a reminder of the urgent need to protect our oceans. Play! Learn! Help Save Ocean Animals!

Jenga® Ocean™ is the first board game ever using plastic recycled entirely from fishing nets.

Discarded fishing nets have been identified as the most harmful form of plastic pollution in the ocean. Every year, they trap tens of thousands of ocean animals, including whales, dolphins, sharks, sea turtles, seals, octopuses, and sea birds which become entangled and cannot escape.

Each set of Jenga® Ocean™ game blocks is made from over 25 square feet of recycled fishing nets. The use of this recycled material will help reduce the continuing accumulation of plastic fishing nets in the ocean, helping to protect ocean sea life and ecosystems.

Review Highlights:

Jenga Ocean takes a classic family game and makes it one that is also environmentally friendly. The game brings awareness to issues of pollution on a global level. I really enjoyed learning about Bureo and their mission, and also about the ocean film festival. Jenga and Jenga Ocean is a simple to learn, easy to play classic game that I feel will be around for generations. I would love to see more products made with recycled materials and would be happy to recommend this product (and other Bureo products) to my friends and family.

There is much to like about this new twist on a classic game. From start to finish, this product was made with issues of global importance in mind including conservation, education, and recycling. The packaging itself conveys the importance of using recycled products with facts such as "Discarded fishing nets equal 10% of ocean plastic pollution."

Jenga Ocean was especially meaningful to my nine year old daughter who is adament about wildlife protection. She consummed all the available information regarding marine life on the package material and even checked out the resources that werely mentioned within the product. This included information on Bureo's process of turning nets into plastic pellets that are then formed into products such as skateboards, frisbees, and now Jenga blocks! I found the information regarding the International Ocean Film Festival to be enlightening.

The game itself does not differ much from the traditional game of Jenga, which makes it nice as everyone in the family was able to instantly play the game without having to arduously go through rules before beginning. There was, however, a new twist to the old rules which peaked everyone's interests. After the tower has fallen, players are supposed to collect as many sea animal blocks that they can find (not all blocks have animals on them). Points are earned based off of the number of blocks collected, and points are deducted for being the one to knock the tower over. We adapted the game even further to say that the winner was the first to fifty points - this made each game last longer than one round.

Jenga Ocean comes with a stacking sleeve to aid in the process of building the tower. Stacking the blocks is a quick process whether one person is doing it, or if it is a group effort. I like that Jenga Ocean blocks are meant to last basically forever. There are instructions on how to recylcle your Jenga Ocean blocks if ever there is a time when they are not needed anymore, further encouraging players to be environmentally aware.

The main thing that I like about this product is that I know I am supporting a cause aimed to help our environment, and protect our wildlife. By choosing Jenga Ocean over another game, I am setting an example for my children that products that we purchase have a lasting impact - whether for good or bad - and that we all need to be conscious about the choices that we make even in our day to day purchasing decisions.

Jenga Ocean encompasses all the stead-handed, hand-eye coordination skills you expect when you open a Jenga box. From stacking to actual play, the game urges a child to master their physical responses, as well as to cooperate with others to keep the game from ending via an untimely topple.

Ocean Jenga, at first glance, is simply the traditional Jenga blocks reproduced in plastic form. However, closer inspection reveals that these blocks are actually decorated with sea creatures, have a different weight and feel than wood blocks, and require a more nuanced play. The game rules themselves have also been slightly modified, creating a unique experience for even long-time Jenga players. This twist makes the game feel fresh and fun! This game was high quality in terms of materials, had clear instructions, stimulated interest, and was enjoyed by multiple ages at once. An absolute win!

Often, reinvented games fall flat, or are simple extensions of the original idea that don't live up to the hype (think the countless variations of Monopoly). Ocean Jenga doesn't fall into that trap. Instead, it's a full game in it so own right, bringing even younger kids to the table to play thanks to the ending twist of collecting ocean creatures. It's also made of recycled materials, which is an eco-friendly bonus. Well worth the price!

One of the greatest changes from the original version is that these can now be easily washed without damaging the material.

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