JubiLingua French Card Games
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JubiLingua French Card Games

Ages: 12 and up
Price: $8.99 per deck
Type: Game
By JubiLingua


Conjugating verbs is a challenge for French learners and requires lots of practice. JubiLingua card games help students master this important skill while having fun. These "hands-on" games are a welcome and effective break from drills and worksheets. In addition to verb conjugations, the games reinforce tenses, definite/indefinite articles, possessive adjectives, and position of "ne" and "pas" in negative sentences. To play the games, students match subjects with verbs and add other cards to make simple sentences. The games can be played in 10-20 minutes with groups of 2-4 students. Each high-quality, durable, 54-card deck comes with its own case and instructions. The present and past tense package includes the following decks:

1. Present tense of verbs avoir (to have) and être (to be)
2. Present tense of regular verbs ending in -er
3. Present tense of regular verbs ending in -ir
4. Present tense of regular verbs ending in -re
5. Past tense (pass compos) with auxiliary verb être
6. Past tense (pass compos) with auxiliary verb avoir


Review Highlights:

Jubilingua is a card game designed to teach and practice French. "The object of the game is to match subject, verb and other cards correctly to create as many (simple) sentences as possible." The picture cards (objects or adjectives) are worth extra points. The cards (basically flash cards) were an effective and fun way to practice the language. Our family of four enjoyed it. It was challenging for our youngest son at first, but after a few game nights he's now winning almost every time. Even his teacher is impressed by his progress. He got an A on his last quiz!

I'm always on the lookout for new teaching approaches. This game captivated my étudiants. It's serious fun. The added element of competition really engaged them. As a French teacher I highly recommend Jubilingua.

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