Keys to the Capitals
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Keys to the Capitals

Ages: 7 and up
Price: $34.95
Type: Game
By Golden Bell Studios


Can you name all 50 state capitals? With Keys to the Capitals, unlock the ability to master the state capitals and state flags in one fun board game for the whole family! Fly around in your custom airplane, collecting the most key cards to win. Building your knowledge has never been more fun.

Review Highlights:

This board game teaches geography, state capitals, state flags, and history. It also develops strategic thinking, counting and navigational skills.

Our family loves to play board games and Keys to the Capitals will definitely be a favorite for a while to come. Keys to the Capitals is a very simple board game that teaches students the location of the fifty states and their capitals. The object of the game is simple - to collect as many states as possible by landing on the capitals of certain destination states. The simplicity of the game makes it easy for young players to join in on the fun. My daughter, who is nine, easily joined her older siblings.

The materials and the Keys to the Capitals game board are well constructed and will last a long time. The same is true for the card deck. The fifty cards represent the different states. Each state card shows an outline of the state and gives the state capital. The board was large making it easy for all four of us to sit around and be able to easily reach it and navigate our game pieces. The board was also large enough where we could roll the four dice onto the board without too much fear of hitting the game pieces.

I loved the board design and the simplicity of the game. The instructions were only one page instead of the usual six. It made getting started easier.

I played this game with my 15-year-old and my 11-year-old. My 11-year-old has a visual processing weakness, so he dropped out before the game ended. I questioned him about it later and he said that he enjoyed the game, but after 30 minutes or so his visual muscles were tired and he got frustrated. He did say that he wants to play again, so we'll limit the game to 30 minutes until he is more familiar with the map. His geography skills are weak, so he spent a long time searching for each one. I think that this is an excellent way for him (and the rest of us) to create a better visual map of the United States. For our family, learning where each state is located is the first goal. Our next goal will be to memorize the capitals. Each game that we play incorporates a little history about the state and when it was added. We enjoyed it.

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