Match It! Crocodile Crunch
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Match It! Crocodile Crunch

Ages: 3 and up
Price: $12.99
Type: Game
By The Learning Journey International


Kids will be "biting" at the chance to play this action-packed game. Game includes 4 colorful crocodile game boards, healthy & unhealthy food cards and 4 food play boards. Simply place all the food cards face down and each player will take turns flipping over cards until a correct food item card that matches their food play board is found. Place the correct card in the crocodile's mouth. If a bad food item is selected, place in the crocodile's mouth until a toothbrush card is selected to "brush away" the unhealthy food item. Be the first one to fill your board to win the game! For up to four players. Ages 3+ years.

Review Highlights:

We learned about matching and eating healthy while playing Match It! Crocodile Crunch.

This was a fun matching game to play with my little one. We matched images, and talked about eating healthy. We had fun brushing away the unhealthy choices!

Crocodile Crunch is an engaging and clever way to encourage toddlers to brush their teeth while introducing the topic of healthy eating.

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