Mayan Mysteries for the Classroom
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Mayan Mysteries for the Classroom

Ages: 11 - 15
Price: $21.99 (Single User); $299.00 (Classroom Edition)
Type: Website, Game
By Dig-It! Games


Explore the mysterious world of the ancient Maya and learn about their remarkable civilization with Mayan Mysteries, a new one-of-a-kind puzzle-based online game that takes kids on an exciting journey through history. Players discover real artifacts, decode glyphs, visit ancient Maya cities, explore the Maya calendar, and more in this exciting educational adventure that seamlessly blends fun and learning. Designed for children ages 11 and older, Mayan Mysteries turns players into actual archaeologists as they embark upon a thrilling expedition with Team Q to catch a secretive thief. Immersed in a long-term gaming experience, players solve puzzles about the Maya calendar, number system, and daily life. Players visit excavation sites, decode glyphs, identify and carve dates into the Maya calendar, use real archaeological tools such as trowels, picks, sifters and brushes to uncover authentic artifacts, find hidden objects, and use the Maya number system to buy and trade. Mayan Mysteries is a learning experience, but it's also just plain fun!

Mayan Mysteries Classroom Edition is an exciting educational adventure that turns kids in grades 5-9 into real archaeologists and takes them on an interactive journey through history to learn about the ancient Maya. Bridging the gap between fun and learning, Mayan Mysteries uses puzzles and problem-solving exercises to develop and enrich kids' analytical thinking, creative thinking and independent learning skills. Puzzles about the Maya calendar, number system, and daily life assess reading comprehension, geographical knowledge, spatial reasoning and science and math skills. An in-game encyclopedia containing factual information about the Maya contributed by world-renowned Maya expert Robert J. Sharer encourages kids to explore topics ranging from the Maya governmental system to farming practices and Maya beliefs about time. Game play requires players to test fact retention and knowledge in fun challenges. Mayan Mysteries, aligned to Common Core Standards, provides teachers with a powerful Teacher Management System (TMS) to track students progress and performance within the game at both class and student level. Teachers praise the TMS for its comprehensiveness and ease of use: "Wow! I think the [TMS] is excellent - simple, clear, not over done;" "The [TMS] elevates the experience from being a fun educational game, to being a real tool for learning."

Unlike many games billed as "educational," Mayan Mysteries for the Classroom is truly a learning experience, with accurate historical information and tools for teachers to measure student progress. Mayan Mysteries effectively bridges the gap between fun and learning and cannot be considered solely a distraction as players must learn in order to advance. Players become immersed in a long-term gaming experience that is both extremely educational and also entertaining. Game content, which contains 100% factual information about the Maya contributed by world-renowned Maya expert Robert J. Sharer, makes Mayan Mysteries completely authentic while aligning to the National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies and Common Core Standards for Language Arts and Mathematics. But what truly sets Mayan Mysteries apart is that players educational progress is measurable: a powerful but easy to use Teacher Management System (TMS) allows educators to track students progress and performance within the game at both class and student level, and to follow individual and class progress and performance on standards-based assessments targeted for each grade-level.

Review Highlights:

My two homeschoolers enjoyed playing this game as part of their social studies/history "curriculum". We do not use a packaged curriculum and our learning jumps around from place to place and period to period, which they do not seem to mind. I am grateful for the opportunity to try this product in our homeschooling classroom and I think it would be a great addition to any learning environment, whether it is a school room or at home. -Monise, Former K-12 Educator and Homeschool Mom

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