Multiplication by Heart
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Multiplication by Heart

Ages: 8 and up
Price: $25.95
Type: Game, Flash Cards
By Math for Love


We've got a new take on multiplication flash cards. It's a deeper, more connected, more visual way to learn, so you understand what the equations mean, as well as how to get the right answer. We take advantage of the science of memory to make sure you're actually getting the facts down, accurately and quickly. And we have games, puzzles, and explorations to take the learning further.

Don't learn by rote. Learn by Heart.


Review Highlights:

Fantastic modern take on Flash Cards! Colorful well-thought out visual system to learn the multiplication facts 1 - 10. This is genuinely a unique and updated take on math flash cards. The designers obviously love math and education and did there research to design a comprehensive product. It includes a well designed and ordered system to learn the basic multiplication facts. It is a good value as well at $25.95 including shipping for 162 cards with guided practice spinner, and storage box that doubles as a way to organize cards by mastery. Also incudes games and extension activities.

Multiplication by Heart (MbH) by Math for Love is a card deck that goes beyond practicing and memorizing multiplication facts. This deck contains math facts in multiplication only, but does so in a visual format, drawing on visual cues (ex. blocks, buttons, circle segments). The box is esthetically pleasing, with color coded pre-sorted sections (A through F) to help with the spaced repetition process. Multiplication by Heart aims to decrease the rote memorization techniques that have been used in the past and replace a student's efforts with spaced repetition: a psychological technique that spreads out our cognitive efforts by spacing a review of concepts at regular intervals. As such, Multiplication by Heart asserts that a learner can effectively and efficiently understand and process the mathematics of multiplication.

The instructions included aim to be approachable, with a "do this first" type of start. There are several chunks of cards to manage, but can be set up within a matter of minutes. For fast play, or use, MbH is easy to get started.

Multiplication by Heart includes a spinner that is helpful for multiple days of practice that helps the learner with the spaced retrieval aspect of several days worth of practice. This tool is ideal for parents working with an individual child for math practice or for a math tutor working with one student at a time. There are games that can be played once mastery of a set of cards has been reached and even a "cool facts" exploration of sums that can be practiced.

The website is a wealth of activities, blog posts, and ideas for learning and teaching math.

Children learn and practice math, memory skills, multiplication tables 1 - 10 for fluency + mastery, arrays and factors.

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