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Ages: 7 and up
Price: $20.00
Type: Game, Toy
By Pixidoku, LLC


Pixidoku is a hands-on logic puzzle for kids and adults. There is only one way to solve each puzzle and if you use logic you can solve them without guessing!

Each puzzle uses five different emoji. The grid is arranged into five-square partitions. Each partition must contain all five emoji. Identical emoji may not touch horizontally, vertically nor diagonally.

Includes hands-on tiles and 3 difficulty levels of puzzles.

Review Highlights:

Pixidoku develops essential thinking skills such as deductive reasoning, analysis, and observation. Students practice concentration/focus, develop patience, and problem-solving skills. The game also improve communication skills when played in groups.

The kids in our elementary-aged after school programs loved the pictures on the cards. The pictures helped to make the game engaging--more so than Sudoku, for example. They also loved the challenge! Even the card rated with 1-star (the easiest) was enough of a challenge that they felt really proud when they completed the puzzle!

This is an engaging and very relatable way for children to play Sudoku but at an easier level for them. The picture tiles for Pixidoku are adorable and eye catching. I like that the grids are sectioned for the areas that need to be filled in.

This game requires logical thinking--having to conceptualize that the same pieces cannot touch horizontally, diagonally, or vertically. It practices skills of sequence and problem-solving.

Our elementary-aged kids in our after school program loved the simplistic design of Pixidoku and the challenge of it!

Our kids liked the Pixodu puzzles more than typical Sudoku puzzles because of the cute pictures. Pixodu is like the classic Sudoku game but with pictures instead of numbers. Kids use logic and problem solving skills to solve them.

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