Planet Voyagers
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Planet Voyagers

Ages: 8 and up
Price: $38.00
Type: Game, Board Game
By SimplyFun


Three, two, one blast off! Planet Voyagers focuses on astronomy and strategy and lets you tour space, visit planets, and explore and research this amazing solar system we live in. The race begins at the Sun and each player chooses which cards to play from their hand to either advance their rocket or research other planets to gain more points. Players read their voyager cards and data boards, learning important facts about planets, moons, asteroids and comets while sparking their curiosity about our solar system. Players analyze their voyager cards, as well as the movements and cards of other players, adapting strategies and making decisions that help them score points. Journey from planet to planet and send out research probes to earn points and learn interesting facts about the celestial bodies near and far. Be the first player to reach the planet Neptune with your rocket or to score 12 points and win the game. Additionally, every Planet Voyagers game includes a solar system 'fun facts' poster.


Review Highlights:

For kids that love everything about Space, Planet Voyagers is a must-buy. In this strategy game, you travel from planet to planet learning facts about not just planets but also asteroids, comets, moons, and more. Parents will love this game because it's educational. Kids will love it because it's a lot of fun.

Planet Voyagers by Simply Fun is an exciting NEW game that lets players explore and research our amazing solar system. Players will journey from planet to planet and send out research probes to earn points and learn interesting facts about the celestial bodies near and far. Planet Voyagers is for ages 8 and older. The game is for 2-5 players. The approximate play time is 30 minutes. For game set-up the planets are laid out in order of the numbers found on the disks starting with the Sun and ending with Neptune. On top of the planet disks, you will then place the coordinating research tokens. There are five Data Boards. Each planet is represented on the board and has the planets facts: diameter, rotation, orbit, gravity, moons, temperature, and atmosphere. All players start their rockets on the Sun. Each play starts out with five cards that are to be placed face down. All other cards will be placed in the center. When it is your turn you choose a card and place it face down. The goal is to choose a card that will earn you the most points. Points can be earned in one of three ways. First, you can move your rocket across the solar system. Second, you can earn research tokens. And third, playing cards with point values. The text on the cards will tell you what it does. The cards also tell you the point values and as well as identify the movement icon of the card. Players can gain research tokens that then gains them points. Planets have values. As players make their way to Neptune the point values increase. How do you win the game? Be the first player to reach the planet Neptune with your rocket or score 12 points to win the game.

The product comes in a sturdy box with boards for each player that have nice graphics. Little rockets that are colored are used as pawns to move through space. I like that you learn facts about the planets and the solar system. The game also encourages decision-making skills and comparing to other students scores.

This strategy game is both educational and fun. Kids will enjoy learning about different planetary and solar system facts. You only need two people to play, but it can also be enjoyed by up to five people. It holds the interest of tweens and teens alike. Players learn about planets and the solar system, and practice counting, reading, taking turns, following directions, observation, analysis, decision-making, and problem-solving.

Planet Voyagers is very interactive and engaging, fun, family-friendly, and inclusive with a wide age range. It's a quality product - five stars!

The product was easy to follow and play. This was a wonderful product to learn more about the solar system and the planets.

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