Scout It Out! Countries of the World
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Scout It Out! Countries of the World

Ages: 7 and up
Price: $27.97
Type: Game
By Skillmatics


Scout It Out! Countries of the World is an adventurous and trivia-packed board game that will take you around the world. Roll the die to get clues and learn fascinating facts about countries around the globe. In this game of rotating clues, you must be the first player to guess the correct country to win the Game Card and a Bonus Token. The first player to collect 5 Game Cards wins the game! Think hard, pay very close attention to what others say, and make smart guesses! With an easy setup and rules, it doesn't take long to start your first round. Game includes 1 World Map, 1 Map of Europe, 74 Country Cards, 35 Bonus Tokens, 1 Wooden Die, 1 Cloth Bag and 1 Instruction Manual.


Review Highlights:

This is a high quality educational board game! It's easy to set up. I have played lots of educational board games as an elementary and middle school teacher. Why do I say this? The board, cards and chips are durable and the colors are bright. It took literally 5 minutes to learn how to play the game, which is key for kids as you never want the rules of the game to overshadow the actual content of the game. The board is beautifully designed with all countries written clearly. The clues on the cards were perfect for nearly any age, but I'd go with 3rd-8th grade if I had to choose age appropriateness. The cards are packed with facts and the visual element of learning the flags that correspond to each country is brilliant. I'd highly recommend this game to any homeschooler or teacher looking for games that support geography.

We loved this game! It was simple to set up and the quality of the board, dice and cards are notable. I've reviewed a couple board games for Academic's' Choice, but I think I like this one the most. We were up and running quickly and I had 5 kids engaged for at least 20 minutes! That is a feat considering many kids' attention spans in the classroom these days. To see kids engaged in a board game brings me back to the old days. Scout It Out teaches basic geography skills as well as the multiple facts listed on the cards about each country.

This game by Skillmatics could be used in a classroom, or at home by a family. It requires at least 3 people to play, and no more than 7, making it very family-appropriate. It does not take too long to play (about 45 minutes), which is ideal for children. Everything needed was included, and while we didn't know all (or even most) of the answers, we had fun and learned a lot.

This was a great game and lots of fun to play. It's hard to find fun ways to teach and learn about geography. This hit the mark!

This game develops critical thinking skills, logic, rule-following (taking turns), good sportsmanship, and an appreciation for geography and history.

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