Shore Seekers
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Shore Seekers

Ages: 7 and up
Price: $36.00
Type: Game, Board Game
By SimplyFun


Shore Seekers utilizes the theme of turtle migration to help engage kids across numerous math levels, from addition to early multiplication. At every turn, players roll one die at a time (up to three) trying to reach a sum of seven or less, which enables the practice of risk, decision making and addition. If you take a risk to roll two or three times and the sum of the dice equals more than seven, you must move back to the coral reef where you started! When a player chooses to roll just one die, the number on that die is how many spaces they will move their turtle. If they choose to roll two or three dice (and the sum remains at seven or less), they multiply that sum by the number of dice rolled to equal the number of spaces to move. Players move their turtle around the island collect cards along the way to determine how many eggs will be in their nest. At the end of the game, the player whose turtle has laid the most eggs wins!


Review Highlights:

Shore Seekers offers a fun way for kids to practice math skills (addition and multiplication). Each player also has to make risk vs reward decisions (how many dice to roll). The game itself is visually appealing with its colorful board and turtle egg theme. Even kids who are younger than the target age range will like it, even if they need help with the multiplication.

The game board is sturdy. The turtle and graphics seem happy and nice. The turtle game pieces were nice and durable. Players practiced addition, multiplication, counting, collaboration, taking turns, decision making, strategy, and risk taking. The game itself has a thoughtful idea with the turtles stacking. Great game overall.

The turtle theme is engaging. The game components are attractive and well-made. Game play has many twists and turns adding excitement to the game. Players get a lot of practice adding up to 3 dice and multiplying by 1, 2 or 3.

This is a fun family game that kids will enjoy, and not even realize they are practicing their math skills.

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