Sunshine Rescue
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Sunshine Rescue

Ages: 7 and up
Price: $34.00
Type: Game
By SimplyFun


Children rescue pieces of sunshine and the sun rescues the children. Children skip through the field or take the rainbow shortcut to try and rescue pieces of sunshine. Watch out as the storm cloud spins, if it points at a child they must hide under their umbrella until the sun can rescue them. The first player who brings back three pieces of sunshine wins the game.


Review Highlights:

Kids are definitely encouraged to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, logic and decision making. This game requires strategy as opposed to skill, but there is an element of chance or risk that keeps the game fun and unexpected.

The pieces are high quality and sturdy. The colors and images are pleasing to look at. While I as a parent thought the premise was a little odd (we can't actually collect pieces of sunshine to rescue the sun), my kids really enjoyed the game and want to play it again. I like the idea of having two game pieces ("children") to coordinate to give yourself the best opportunity of winning the game.

Children learn decision-making and strategy in this game. Early counting and memory are also practiced as players must remember which Umbrella is their token. The game also teaches many other skills including, but not limited to, prediction and observation.

The concept of the game is cute. The topic of game would be nice when discussing weather for a fun activity.

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