Pain Scale Goniometer
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Pain Scale Goniometer

Ages: 18 and up
Price: $9.00
Type: Gear & Equipment
By Professional Health Systems


Accurate ROM assessment to 1 degree
Faces & numeric pain scale statistically proven to get a more accurate assessment of patients current pain level
Ranges provided for ROM of all body region (save time by not having to look up numbers and give patients instant feedback of the ROM they should have)
Metric & Imperial ruler up to 37 cm / 12 inches
Pupil gage that can be held over the patients eyes for an accurate reading through clear plastic
Pocket sized and portable effective clinical outcome marker to quantitatively track patient progress over time

Review Highlights:

A great, all in one, gonimeter with reference ranges for most joints! So easy to use when the range of motion is listed right on the meter. A great tool to look at progress of therapies by using with each visit. Pain scale with any range of motion problems also adds assessment data for diagnosis and treatment.

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