LeapFrog® LeapPods Max™
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LeapFrog® LeapPods Max™

Ages: 4 and up
Price: $49.99
Type: Gear & Equipment, Audio, Book
By LeapFrog


Get ready for an immersive audio experience with LeapPods Max™! Beyond listening to music, hours of included activities take kids on audio adventures, get the mind and body moving with active challenges, introduce mindfulness activities and more. LeapPods Max™ are a great break from screen time and activate a different way of learning. Play right away with no web connection, downloads or account setup required. Expand your imagination and spark curiosity with the included 14-page Adventure Passport guidebook that accompanies the audio adventures and pairs engaging soundscapes and animals sounds with detailed illustrations. But the play doesn't stop there! Wirelessly connect to your own devices using Bluetooth® wireless technology or use the included headphone cable to listen to your favorite music, podcasts and more. The over-ear design is comfortable and provides sound isolation for great sound quality at safe volume levels for kids. Easily explore the activities and music with simple controls that let you play, pause and switch modes without removing the headphones. Enjoy screen-free fun for years to come with these all-in-one interactive headphones.

Review Highlights:

Screen-free entertainment begins here with these headphones by LeapFrog. No matter what mood your child is in, there's an activity for all of them. Looking to burn off some energy? Tap into the energizing songs that encourage dancing off the jitters. Is it time to settle down? Check out the meditation tracks that help children relax and promote mindfulness. Ready to learn? The Adventure Passport lets children venture to locations such as the Amazon Rainforest while learning fun facts about animals from all over.

These headphones are a great idea - they aren't just regular headphones. They have educational songs and activities that encourage physical activity through dancing, self awareness and mindfulness through meditation, and learning from the Adventure Passport where children can discover different animal habitats. This is packed with great content already, we would love if LeapFrog added more books in the future with this set.

We love that it only allows safe volume levels for children and that it promotes physical activity (dance) and mindfulness (meditation).

Children learn and practice mindfulness, listening skills, comprehension, healthy habits, science and counting, health and wellness, social skills, and more.

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