Math Bands
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Math Bands

Ages: 5 and up
Price: $9.95
Type: Gear & Equipment, Toy
By American Educational Products, LLC


Each band contains 12 facts that go with the band's fact family, and each set contains 12 bands. Students simply count over to the number that they are multiplying by to find the correct answer. Perfect for practicing on the go or in the classroom; this set comes complete with various activities for never ending multiplication fun!

Review Highlights:

As a long-time elementary school teacher, I'd highly recommend these bands to both math teachers and parents who want their children to be reminded of this specific math skill.

My boys are both tactile and visual learners. This was the perfect product to not only help them count by 2's 3's 4's etc. but to remind them of doing it. The bracelets come in simple colors and designs but they are not tacky. My first grader was more that happy to wear them around town.

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