Moonlite Story Collections
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Moonlite Story Collections

Ages: 0 - 6
Price: $48.00
Type: Gear & Equipment, Audio, Book, App
By Moonlite


The Moonlite story collections include the Moonlite projector, four activation key codes for four stories and four picture discs packaged beautifully -- to gift wrap for a birthday or store sturdily on the bedroom shelf.

How does the story's visual and audio magic happen? Unlike a digital listening toy for a child to hold, Moonlite is a bonding experience as parent and child cuddle at nap time, bedtime or quiet time. With a simple clip-on projector to a smart device, grownups get cozy with a young child (from babies to about 5-years-old) while holding their mobile phone as a story pops up on the ceiling or wall. The sound effects from the Moonlite App take read-me-a-story to a whole new level! Although the story is scripted on the App, mom or dad perhaps toss their child into the storyline!

Review Highlights:

We loved the Moonlite Storytime Collections and projector. The colorful projection and interactivity makes for an exciting new experience and my kids loved it. It takes story time to the next level!

The mini projector simply attaches to your phone, transforming it into a magical storybook wall projector. Luna the Moon will walk you through the set-up process once you download the Moonlite app. The Moonlite projector is powered by your phone flashlight. A stunning display of each and every story will project onto the wall or ceiling. The Moonlite projector comes with a focus lens that allows for crisp projections. There is an arrow on the story reels to let you know where to insert them exactly. You will be guided by Luna in placing the projector. Sound effects are included in the stories. Words with sound effects will be surrounded by circles. When you press a word such as cow, the word will be circled, and your child will hear moo, moo.

Children learn and practice following directions, reading, sitting, focusing, listening, interacting, vocabulary, comprehension, patience, healthy habits, social skills, and more.

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