My Brain Hat-ter Helmet
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My Brain Hat-ter Helmet

Ages: 6 - 9
Price: $39.99
Type: Gear & Equipment, Toy
By Little Medical School


This bike helmet for kids offers so much more than protection from head injuries. Children can identify all the functions of the lobes of the human brain by applying the included reusable stickers to the colorful, anatomically correct helmet. It makes kids see beyond the importance of wearing a bike helmet, to appreciate the complexity of the wonderful brain, and why they need to protect it. Included is a My Brain Matters Oath. Kids promise to take care of their amazing brain by always wearing a helmet. My Brain Matters so I wear My Brain Hat-ter!™

Review Highlights:

Kids get an idea of what is inside their brains and a visual of what parts of the brain are responsible for what. They gain an understanding of what they are trying to protect when they wear a helmet!

I love the colors and the unique look. Most kids are wearing helmets but this is neat way to stand out as well—both visually and from an education perspective. Great way to reinforce the reason WHY we wear a helmet!

This helmet was an instant hit. Although we have been a "helmet mandatory" family for so long that my kids don't question our rule, when this colorful, engaging product was unwrapped, an instant conversation ensued: why, exactly, do we wear them? I found, through their questions, that being more specific about the "why" they became more interested and invested in helmet safety.

This product is bright, colorful, and engaging. Applying the stickers was a learning opportunity in and of itself, and has helped my kids identify brain parts as well as become aware of how amazing the human body actually is. Added bonus: this is a quality helmet! The construction is solid, and the fit is easily adjustable.

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