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Ages: 10 and up
Price: $8.00/single license; FREE license for Science Teachers
Type: Software, Gear & Equipment
By Intellisense


Fizika is a physics simulator that combines the classic theoretical teaching with hands on virtual physics simulations. Experience physics in a fun and engaging way with the most entertaining and educative physics simulator on the market.

Fizika allows you to learn and have fun at the same time. Use the preloaded objects or just draw on the screen to create scenes and experiments with ease and press the play button to get everything in motion. Change the properties of each object or the environment and observe the impact it has on the simulation. Switch to colorful themes such as Fruitland and Mysterious to make your simulation even more fun!

Starting from gravity to elasticity, acceleration, mass, friction and more, Fizika allows you to understand physics beyond theory and classic laboratory experiments. Besides playing with the extended customizable properties, you can analyze the processes with Fizika’s live graphing solution that will allow you to track and record everything for a later-on deeper analysis.

A 4 months study conducted by ELTE (Eötvös Lóránt Science University in Budapest, Hungary) on 160 9th-grade students from 5 different schools showed that the groups using Fizika for problem solving, accomplished final tests with a score 15% higher than their peers having traditional approach during their classes.

The study concludes that as the difference was even higher in case of problems of medium difficulty, Fizika raises students with average skills to a higher level of understanding, thus converting part of those uncertain about science subjects into science enthusiasts.

Review Highlights:

This is a powerful Physics simulator. After only a few minutes my 12-13 year old students were watching their creations and scenarios come to life. Changing parameters (weight, dimensions, force, velocity) was a snap. The software comes with preconfigured scenarios (cogs & weights, basic slopes, collisions, pendulums, brigdes, gears, accidents, throwing, parking on a slope, etc.) that make its easy to quickly demonstrate the laws of Physics.

With this simulator you won't need expensive lab equipment anymore! It can be used to easily create a wide range of interactive physics simulations and educational experiments. Teachers will find it particularly useful since it can be used as a virtual physics laboratory through which they can demonstrate some basic physics concepts in the classroom (without needing to buy a pendulum or physically throw a ball over the flag pole).

Students can create various physical objects (circles, polygons, triangles, gears, etc.) with fixed, axis, and motor joints (eg. springs, chains, ropes, etc.) that obey the laws of Physics. Students can experiment by creating various scenarios which can be either simple experiments or complex structures/mechanisms. You can quickly draw objects (and easily give them different weights, sizes, etc.) which respond to the laws of physics: boxes drop, circles roll down slopes, etc. You can save scenes/environment setups for reuse later and all movements can be analyzed using a graphing feature, by analyzing degrees (angles), weight, etc. The software even allows for differenet z-layers so very complex scenarios can be simulated.

My students created gravity and collison demonstrations and analyzed the differences based on object type, weight, and dimensions. We worked as a group to predict what would happen when we changed certain configurations. The ability to immediately see the predictions in action enthralled them and really kept their interest piqued.

The simulator also serves as an informal introduction to programming since the results of the commands and contraints are immediately shown after a user presses play.

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