Flip Boom All-Star
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Flip Boom All-Star

Ages: 8 - 12
Price: $59.00
Type: Software
By Toon Boom Animation Inc.


Flip Boom All-Star is great for Grade 4 to 8 students, as it will allow them to easily import images and sound, and create interesting animated projects for their assignments. Students can work individually, or as part of a team, to either create their own artwork or import still images using the 1000 items of ready-made clipart available to them in All-Star. Adding sound is a breeze and publishing the project for the Web, computer or iPod is even easier. Flip Boom All-Star is truly cross-curricular, as it can be applied to all subjects, including art, science, geography, history and literature.

Review Highlights:

Flip Boom All Star provided a brilliant introduction to the world of animation for my nine-year-old. The simple interface and basic functionality made the complicated process of frame-based animation easy for him to learn. He didn't get frustrated and it truly unlocked his imagination. It's one of his favorite computer-related activities.

Flip Boom All Star is a great activity for any creative child and its super easy to use! My 8 year boy old loved it, but I think itíd be best for a child over 10 years of age. The interface was simple to figure out and didnít have with too many bells and whistles that I assume other animation software would have. My child could paint, draw, erase, add text and move any object at will. I liked that whenever you move the curser over the tool there is a simple explanation of what the tool does. This made it easy for me to help explain to my child what each tool was capable of doing. Although he didnít get too far in creating a full animation he did draw some simple images, duplicated them, and moved them over by hand to creating a simple animation. He was so excited to see his drawings move! Audio samples are available to insert into your animation, but my boy had more fun going through the sound bank and listening to them over and over again. I think he enjoyed the sounds as much as he did drawing! Flip Boom All Star was a great introduction to animation and it was lots of fun. Iíd highly recommend this software to anyone that would like there child to learn about how animation works, or is looking for another outlet for their childís creativity.

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