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Ages: 5 - 18
Price: $8.00/single license; FREE license for Science Teachers
Type: Software, Gear & Equipment
By Intellisense


LabCamera is a webcam based natural science exploration and data logging laboratory for STEM education. The software uses the PC's built-in camera to carry out scientific observations, experiments and measurements. It cosists of the following seven modules:

1. Time Lapse. Classic time lapse application to make slow processes faster. Setting frame periods from .5 seconds up to one day will enable children to record processes ranging from eg. cloud formation to plant growth and seasonal changes.

2. Kinematics. This highly innovative tool helps students understand graphs in a very engaging way. Based on fast intelligent image recognition algorithms, Kinematics is able to display displacement and velocity diagrams in real-time for both x and y axes for up to 3 objects. Data can be recorded and exported in graphical and spreadsheet form. Real-time augmented data visualization will help students to understand graphical representation of a given movement.

3. Microscope. Microscope is a one of its kind measurement tool for microscopic and macroscopic objects. After calibrating for a known size on the target image (loaded from external resource or directly shot with the device’s webcamera), LabCamera Microscope is capable to measure distances, areas and angles. Example 1 – load an image of the moon, calibrate for its diameter and measure craters, shadows etc. Example 2 – make a snapshot of one hair, calibrate with a .5mm pencil lead and compare your hair thickness with your peers' or compare average human hair thickness with other species'.

4. Motion Cam. This module is a movement activated recorder. Students can set a sensitive area in the viewport, set the amount of movement needed to trigger recording and press recording. The software will capture anything that is moving in its sensitive area with a movement exceeding the threshold.

5. Universal Logger. This module is capable of interfacing a computer with any measurement instrument with digital, radial or liquid-in-glass displays through the built in webcamera. This feature enables teachers to use old devices to log-in the data in a computer. Universal Logger saves schools a considerate amount of money by eliminating the need of buying new devices.

6. Pathfinder. Pathfinder allows users to toggle between path and motion density maps to find patterns in seemingly chaotic motion. With a thermal-like image display or a classic path map, Pathfinder allows you to upload videos or use your device’s camera to track patterns in moving objects or animals.

7. Graph Challenge. Graph Challenge is a fun and educative module that teaches students the meaning of graphs. By selecting a pre-existing curve or by designing your own, users can use the printable pre-defined marker to follow the curve. Place the marker in front of the camera, hit the play button and move the marker accordingly to follow the curve.

Review Highlights:

Wow! Just wow! This software just enabled my students to become amateur sleuths, scientists, botanists, geologists, microbiologists, astronomers, videographers, photographers, and much more without needing tons of expensive equipment.

My students loved watching the time-lapse video we created of the stars and night skyline. It really brought our study of constellations and the movement of the earth to life.

All of the incredible LabCamera features help develop and reinforce important thinking skills such as analysis, observation, investigation, evaluation and deduction.

Every science teacher should have this software. It really does promote exploratory engagement with the natural world. And thanks to Intellisense it's now FREE for all science teachers!

The microscope is amazing, but it does require a really good camera or a built-in or add-on webcam magnifier to really get the most out of it. I love that it doubles as a universal measuring tool - for sizes, distances, angles and areas. Brillant!

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