Tynker Creative Computing Platform
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Tynker Creative Computing Platform

Ages: 8 - 14
Price: $5+
Type: Software, Website, App, Game
By Tynker


Tynkerís Creative Computing Platform helps children develop computational thinking and programming skills in a fun, intuitive and imaginative way. Instead of playing games, they are making games to play. Its innovative visual programming language, interactive self-paced courses with built-in tutoring, game-based programming activities and mobile applications provide an easy introduction to programming, and inspire children to innovate and create at home, school and after school classes and camps.

Review Highlights:

The software teaches a plethora of skills that will elevate students' (and adults) cognitive abilities to new heights. Tynker teaches children how to program games and animate stories in a clever, easy-to-use approach that involves blocks of pre-programmed code. Students learn logic and reasoning while letting their imaginations leads them through the learning process. The exploratory, learn-through-play approach is fantastic!

The tutorials were very helpful with clear examples. The initial story was a great way to introduce learners to the functionality of the program. It really got my students focused and excited.

The Code Block approach made it very easy for the user to create functionality because an Event Block (which looks like a puzzle piece) had a space below it to snap in a Motion Block. A Motion Block had a space designed to fit a Looks Block, a Looks Block a space to fit another Event Block, and so on. Each Code Block is color coded and has a ton of options. Students can see the logic written in each block such as 'When Right Arrow Pressed (Event Block) Move 40 Steps (Motion Block)." There are hundreds of characters (actors) to add (or you can draw your own) and each actor gets its own set of code, which enables actors to interact. They can collide, talk to each other, etc. The Code Blocks provide a world of possibilities for the user to program just about anything--and then watch it happen! The play feature allows the user to see how their code works (or not) immediately, and the code blocks even light up when the actor on the stage performs the code.

As a teacher I loved that I could show the Code View of the Block Code after the students created their games and stories. They were blown away that they could write such complicated code. I couldn't find a way to actually write hard code in the code view, which would be great, but for early programmers it really wasn't necessary.

Ten out of ten--a perfect score for a revolutionary product!

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