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The Science

The academic and scientific communities used to believe that cognitive ability was limited by genetics and age. We now know better. Whether you're a young student, or living your golden years, your cognitive power is up to you.

Science has proven that we can enhance our cognitive abilities throughout our entire lives. Academics' Choice Awards was founded on this premise, with the mission of helping us all improve our thinking and decision-making skills, to make the world a smarter, more thoughtful place.

To facilitate this goal, we created the independent Academics' Choice Awards program, review team, and Academic Advisory Board, consisting of leading thinkers and graduates from Princeton, Harvard, George Washington University, and other reputable educational institutions. With the help of our Board and other experts, we developed a standardized approach to product evaluation and assessment based on existing best practices and academic standards, piggybacking on years of research and hard work by countless educators.

The end result. We are proud and confident Academics' Choice Award Winners improve the daily lives of people world-wide.

Join the team, help us promote and review products that develop the mind.

We comb the earth searching for great products that make us better thinkers, but recommendations from people just like you are invaluable. Know of a great product? Please let us know.