Bluebee Pals
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Bluebee Pals

Ages: 3 and up
Price: $59.99
Type: Toy, Gear & Equipment
By Kayle Concepts LLC


Bluebee Pals are a huggable plush companion that sings, reads and answer phone calls. Our innovative technology includes lip synchronization that allows the animal's "mouth" to move while you're reading storybooks, engaging in learning apps or singing songs. Children can entertain family and friends when using Bluebee Pals as a wireless speaker phone.

Bluebee Pals and Apps are a perfect marriage of today's advanced technology. Their exciting wide range of compatibilities provide enhanced educational opportunities for all main stream and special needs children. The built in Bluetooth Wireless feature allow easy connection to "all" APPS by pairing to any Apple or Android Devices:Smart Phone, Tablet or Laptop.

Review Highlights:

Bluebee pals offer a wonderful opportunity for students to be engaged during a lesson. Children in my class really loved watching the lion talk as well as listen to a story or sing a song. Children were less visually distracted because they were watching the lion! Set up was so easy and I could turn on any app for the lion to talk out. My first graders loved to hear him sound out words on different apps.

This Assistive Technology Tool provides a great opportunity for both fun and learning! It's engaging for young students of all learning types. The Bluebee Pals can enhance learning in a variety riveting ways. Any song, app, or story (in any language) can be read by one of the plush characters. The cuddly animals are relateable to kids, which makes the teaching become more meaningful as kids view the Pals as their peer more than an adult. The depth of understanding and retention increases as a result. The creative play and serious learning possiblities are endless.

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