Conduct Dough
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Conduct Dough

Ages: 5 and up
Price: $34.95
Type: Toy
By MindWare


Exploring the fundamentals of circuitry has never been easier or more creative! Children mold the soft, squishy dough into fun objects by following pattern cards. Once the design is complete, position the LED lights to make the creation glow. Includes battery-powered design station, ready-to-use conductive dough and non-conductive clay, 8 custom engineered LED lights, 8 pattern cards with 16 designs, dough cutter and instructions. Uses one 9-volt battery.

Review Highlights:

Conduct Dough is a step up from the old school light bright and snap circuits... children can build and create with playdough and light it up by building circuits. Very fun and a great STEM based activity! The product teaches electrical circuitry, problem solving, critical thinking, and design.

Children explore electricity, develop STEM skills, and utilize creative processes at the same time. Mindware's Conduct Dough is colorful, and the premise is exactly the kind of "sneaky education" that my children fall for every time. All of my younger children (ages 2-9) couldn't wait to get their hands on it. The wow factor was high when they realized that familiar modeling dough would take on a new role in creating circuits and coming to life. The platform and operations were easily understood even by young children. The instructions were well-written and clear, even taking time to note that the white non-conductive dough would be of a different consistency. The attention to detail in creating this product was obvious.

Conduct Dough Lights is perfect for introducing children to electricity, circuitry, and learning how lights work. We worked through the instructions step by step to learn how the conductive dough, non-conductive clay, and LED lights work together. Once we were done with the instructions, we used the pattern cards to practice. Once they figured out how to do it on their own, they used the blank pattern card to make their own pictures with the dough and LED lights. This is a hands-on product for kids who are interested in STEM skills.

My kids loved this product! Conduct Dough Lights was a lot of fun for everyone. Surprisingly, it was my daughter (who is rarely interested in STEM toys) who was drawn immediately to this product. She has spent many afternoons tinkering around with it, making new pictures, and using the pattern cards, to turn on the lights. Once we were through the instruction phase, she was left to her own devices to see what she learned. She struggled for a little bit, but she managed to fix all the problems she had. The problems were mostly making sure the dough was pressed together and the LED lights were positioned the right way. My son tends to prefer electronic STEM toys that move, but he did enjoy using the conductive dough to make robot faces with glowing red or yellow eyes, and making the sun shine with yellow lights. We have used other products to introduce them to electronics, but this was the first that introduced lights. It was easy to learn to use and now they are able to use it on their own. We also used it to teach about safety regarding electricity, such as making sure it was turned off while they set up the pattern and making sure not to touch the lights with the conductive wires.

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