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Ages: 6 - 8
Price: $33.00 USD/mo. Subscription | Also available individually
Type: Toy, Arts & Crafts, Game
By Tinkerer


Tinkerer offers STEAM activities for curious minds. In our Odyssey box Dinosaurs, kids will have fun and learn whilst playing the Tinkerer board game, Mesozoic Fossil Hunt. Then, stomp and roar after constructing their own dinosaur head. Also included in the box is a colourful card pack showing them facts about a variety of different dinosaurs. There is plenty to occupy busy hands in this box.

Review Highlights:

My daughter was quite excited as we opened up the box. She went directly for the material to make the dinosaur head. We made the head and then she used it to chase the cat around the house for a while before we sat down and played the board game. She was able to stay focused as we played the fossil hunt game. I thought this was a fun little box of goodies for kids to learn more about dinosaurs.

This was simple to assemble and loads of fun for my 6 year old. He was just watching a show on dinosuars so it was the perfect fit for us. We thumbed through the magzine but didn't get too far in the game. Overall, we had fun and learned about dinosaurs and fossils!

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