FunPlay Number Rods
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FunPlay Number Rods

Ages: 4 and up
Price: $19.99
Type: Toy
By Edx Education Co Ltd


The FunPlay Range provides children with activities and games to play whilst learning. Create, Count and Compare with these Colorful Blocks.

Number Rods are a great tool for children to play and learn number relationships, number comparison, part-part-whole, and understand multiplication concept.

Ideal STEAM product.
It links art and mathematics. It will stimulate children's imagination and creative thinking skills.

Color-coded rods
Number Rods are colored, so children learn number relationships more easily. There are three rod families: number 2, 4 & 8 are blue family, number 3, 6 & 9 are red family, number 5 & 10 are green family (*if yellow=1).

Hands on Learning
Have fun developing early childhood skills in basic math such as counting one to ten, addition, rotation, and measurement. Encourage kids to copy the patterns on activity cards or simply use their imagination to design their own art piece.

Motivate young minds to create
Number Rods offer endless ways to create patterns, shapes and images. Children can follow the cards or create their own images. Build animals, insects, cars and more!

50 creative math activities
With 25 double-sided cards, these hands-on manipulatives demonstrate number relationships, comparison and parts to whole. Keep the activities contained with the included tray!

High-quality for home learning
This kit contains high-quality, hands-on resources that stimulate problem solving, reasoning and logical thinking skills. The activities inspire play-based learning to make teaching fun!

Edx Education has been designing and producing innovative educational products and materials for more than 25 years, and are passionate about the 'learning through play' movement. This has long been recognised as a highly successful method of teaching in early years education both in the classroom and at home: it is fun and engaging, also a tactile and visual form of learning which aids concentration, helps develop fine motor skills and supports early mathematical understanding, such as counting and sorting techniques.

Review Highlights:

Perfect for visual and kinesthetic (or tactile) learning, these number rods develop mathematical reasoning, logic, critical thinking, and creativity. They are simple, durable, and highly effective learning tools. Combined with the activity cards to inspire a glimpse of what's possible, these manipulatives will provide hundreds of hours of playful, meaninful learning.

FunPlay Number Rods encourages children to develop their math skills as they can practice addition or subtraction. Children can also practice putting together and recognizing patterns, and more advanced learners can practice creating symmetrical patterns and designs. This set is color coded, so rods of numbers 3, 6, and 9 are blue, while rods of numbers 2, 4, and 8 are blue; rods of numbers 5 and 10 are green, and rod of number 1 is yellow to help young minds understand numerical relationships.

I found this set for my daughter because she struggles with mathematical concepts such as addition and subtraction, and this has proven to be a great way to help her learn in an inventive way. She loves using the activity cards (there are 25 double-sided cards) to follow along and complete the patterns she sees such as boats, butterflies, and construction sites. There are three rod "families" that are color coded to help her associate numerical relationships, and she has the option to design stuff on her own.

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