Goodwood Deconstruction Blocks
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Goodwood Deconstruction Blocks

Ages: 3 and up
Price: $15.00-$36.00
Type: Hands-On Toy
By Aroundsquare Ltd.


Goodwood Deconstruction Blocks are a new system of innovative wooden blocks, designed to invite real creative play. The beautiful, precisely crafted blocks are intentionally packaged without instructions, goals, or guidelines, creating space for the child to come up with their own ways to play. The different shapes allow for building outwards in every dimension, and the creation of structures which are both architecturally and geometrically interesting, as well as visually pleasing. The blocks are designed to allow for increasingly sophisticated play as the child grows and develops, making them suitable for a wide range of ages. The Goodwood line inclues eight original designs, each fun and interesting on its own, and providing new possibilities when combined with other sets.

Goodwood Deconstruction Blocks are designed by education consultant and play advocate Matthew Hiebert. His company, Aroundsquare, is a Certified B Corporation, ensuring that every step in the toys' production reflects the highest social and environmental standards.

Review Highlights:

As a mother with 3 children (From 6-16), a former nanny, and a current homeschooling mom, I can unreservedly say that these blocks should be a big hit with most children that are able to think "outside the box." The colors are very brilliant and eye-catching, which makes these blocks a pleasure to play with (even for the grown-ups). The shapes in this set are a little bit of a challenge to work with for younger children, so I definitely agree with the statement on the box that these are excellent for older children. My 6 year old needed some guidance to get started using them, but my 12 year old found them inviting right away, and truly, so did I.

Fantastic blocks. So unusual and challenging. The colors are pure and vibrant. They work so well together aesthetically. The stacking of blocks is very challenging and unique. The off angle builds really get the brain moving in a different direction than traditional blocks. The creations that my children made were beautiful and fun. They were very excited about them. They called me back again and again. "Look mom. See what I built!" Our family was very lucky to be able to test and review these blocks. We are very interested in the other sets as well!

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