Infinity Mirror
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Infinity Mirror

Ages: 9 - 12
Price: $33.00 USD/mo. Subscription | Also available individually
Type: Toy, Arts & Crafts
By Tinkerer


Tinkerer offers STEAM activities for curious minds. In our Explore box Infinity Mirror, you are provided with all the materials necessary to make an infinity mirror. Create your own optical illusions and experiment with the structure of the infinity mirror. In the magazine, learn how the infinity mirror works, about the concept of infinity, a mobius strip, and infinity within art.

Review Highlights:

There was lots of thought put into designing and manufactoring this product. Everything fit perfectly and the materials were of better than decent quality. The subscription looks a bit expensive but it could be worth it for a science teacher to support his/her lesson planning. We liked how cool it looked at the end. As a teacher, there are so many thinking skills tied to this short project. All of the thinking skills aside, you could use the Infinity Mirror for a lesson in optics too. Great educational product for a 9-10-year-old.

Students practice following directions, logic, analysis, critical thinking, and eye-hand coordination.

It was so fun to open up the box and begin building. My daughter couldn't wait to get her hands on all of the small pieces. She dumped everything out into a big pile so our first lesson was about following directions and organization. She enjoyed the process and mainly worked on matching the parts with the instruction manual and helped to take off the stickers. She learned about how following directions and following through is a lesson in and of itself. We absolutely loved the illusionary effect of the mirror when we were done building it.

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