ITSPHUN Geometric Construction Set
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ITSPHUN Geometric Construction Set

Ages: 5 and up
Price: $29.99
Type: Hands-On Toy


The ITSPHUN Construction set is a system of geometric shapes that can be combined in endless ways to make wonderful and colorful creations at the intersection of art and mathematics. The set contains 104 pieces along with cards with models of geometric solids (Platonic, Archimedean, Johnson, nonconvex solids, prisms, etc.) as well as ideas for more free-form, creative constructions. Educational and fun!

Review Highlights:

This construction was a good review of shape names. Putting them together helps develop fine motor skills, as it can be kind of tricky for younger kids to link them together. They require a lot of creativity and thinking to actually figure out how to put the pieces together so they look like the shapes on the cards. There were some that were really challenging for me! But the kids felt such a great sense of accomplishment when they did build what they were trying to.

It's colorful and durable. I was expecting it to be a heavy paper, but it is a pliable plastic that will last. It was something that we could do as a family and work together on. It would be really nice if they had step by step instructions, even for a few of them, just to help us get the idea of how they work. They are so simple, but so complicated!

My 9 year old said they were fun. It requires lots thought processing to figure out, it's a good math tool for teaching 3D shapes.

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