Lids 'n Lizards
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Academics' Choice Award™ Winner

Academics' Choice Brain Toy Award

Lids 'n Lizards

Ages: 4 - 11
Price: $39.95
Type: Hands-On Toy
By Super Duper Publications


Lids 'n Lizards, for ages 4 to 11 (grades PreK to 5), helps children practice articulation, categorizing, describing, and auditory and visual memory skills with these nesting lids. Place a magnet under each lid and let the flipping begin! Children name the photo object on the magnet and identify the category for each one. Plus, hide the colorful lizards under the lids as a surprise! The first child to uncover the most lizards is the winner. Lids ‘n Lizards includes 10 magnets for each of the following five categories: Food, Animals, Clothing, Transportation, and Around the Home. Also included are 50 round magnets, 20 tin lids, 12 lizards, and an instruction booklet.

Review Highlights:

Both my kids love this game! I thought my 7 year old daughter wouldn’t like it, but she wants to play it more than my preschooler!

Although my child didn’t want to play it a 3rd time, I think the game began to sharpen my preschoolers’ skills in identification, classification and visual memory.

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