Magic Adventures Globe™
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Magic Adventures Globe™

Ages: 5 and up
Price: $79.99
Type: Toy, Game, Video, Electronics, Gear & Equipment
By LeapFrog


Young explorers can travel the world and see everything in it with the Magic Adventures Globe™. Using the stylus, children can tap on the 10" interactive learning globe and experience new places, languages, cultures, animals, geography, habitats and more through high-quality BBC videos. Featuring a 2.7" integrated video screen, animations and live-action videos fully immerse kids in the curriculum to provide a better understanding of the world through more than 5 hours of videos. They can also play three interactive games called Around the World, Quiz Show and Where in the World to explore the globe, challenge a friend and solve mysteries.

Review Highlights:

This is one of the best educational toys on the market. I am totally impressed! This globe can teach and engage your child like no other. My son has kept it in his room for two weeks and is still playing with it. He loves the challenges offered and is learning more countries on the map then his parents! He knows so many countries and capitals now, it is unbelievable! My husband and I recommended our school look into the globes. They are so much better than what the kids are using: books and apps. This is a hands on 3-D experience. I can't say enough good things about this globe. It has really heightened my son's love for geography, culture, and the diversity of our world in general. Awesome!

Children learn the languages spoken around the world, country names and capitals, animals found around the world, famous landmarks and places, world geography, people and culture, currency, flags, geology, population sizes, and habitats. Students also practice their listening skills, memory, and verbal comprehension while engrossed learning about our incredible planet and it's diverse inhabitants.

This globe is amazing!! The globe is 10" and spins. The built-in screen has over 600 BBC custom videos so that children can explore countries from around the world. They simply use the stylus and tap anywhere on the globe to trigger videos. They can learn about all of the fascinating facts about each country while watching videos. The video screen is very clear and crisp. The sound is pretty good too. There are also game features built into the globe. There is a quiz show where questions are asked and the child has to find the place on the globe that is being talked about. There is another game called Around the World. The goal is for your child to circle the globe in 20 days or less. This goes country to country and the child has to find the next country that is being talked about via clues. They are told what country to go to and they have to find that country on the globe. A third game is Where in the World. Clues are given and the child has to figure out where they are going. There is a geology setting and on the globe there are little black triangles. Your child can tap those triangles to learn more about geological features in those areas. You can download additional expansion packs from the App Center. These expansion packs cover topics such as dinosaurs, food, art, music, mythology, inventions, and pioneers. This globe is incredible. A wonderful learning tool. I would definitely recommend this globe to others. My daughter loves it and has really enjoyed playing with it. It makes learning fun!

We liked EVERYTHING! We loved the videos, the interaction with the globe, the questions, the Around the World game, and Quiz Show.

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