41116 SD - Morphun Levers Single Set in Tub
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41116 SD - Morphun Levers Single Set in Tub

Ages: 4 and up
Price: $59.00
Type: Toy, Book, Game
By Thinkplay Ltd. T/a Morphun Education


Morphun's patented side joining plastic construction bricks have been developed into a wide range of educational toys and games for children. Our latest range of Morphun LEVERS Sets allow children to experience forces that make things begin to move and encourage them to explore the positioning of a fulcrum and the effects of levers on movement. Using construction sets helps them to think more flexibly, by being able to physically manipulate and explore the objects. This also develops creativity and problem solving skills as children attempt to build a successful structure. Sets are supplied with graduated work cards for teachers/parents and children.

Review Highlights:

Morphun Levers encouraged my children (3,5,6) to use critical thinking, science, and cooperation skills. They had to figure out how to create the lever given in the instructions, and since I had my two oldest work on it together, they had to work cooperatively to accomplish their goal of creating a lever!

I like that this product encourages creativity outside of using it to create levers and structures. I can use it to teach some science concepts for our homeschooling, and then they can have fun building their own creations and exploring more about the things they learned. It's great that it can be versatile, and a product my kids can continue to enjoy!

I like that this product is encouraging creativity in my children, and they're having fun while playing with it! Rather than just building with blocks to build, it has an educational value to it that I can 'sneak' in, and gets them thinking about how things work and it will be a fun activity we can work in to our homeschooling.

The pieces are durable and it comes in a convenient storage box. My nine-year-old has another Morphun set and said this one was nice with the moving pieces. The pieces lock together securely with ease since they are slide to lock in place. A handy instruction book with color images is provided with the product in a resealable bag.

This fun block set provides children with the opportunity to learn/practice the following skills: how levers work and move, load and effort, creativity, designing, manipulating objects, thinking, problem-solving, and visual-perceptual skills. Children will also learn how to form a hypothesis, ask questions, perform tests, make observations, record data, and answer questions while following the scientific method to complete the included projects

I loved the durable, colorful, and well sized pieces included in this set. The workcards are also very colorful. The directions on the student cards are all pictures, so children with reading disorders will not be at a disadvantage. This was a huge help for my children with Dyslexia. I loved the tub that this set came in. It was the perfect size for this set, so there will not be a lot of wasted space on the shelf when you store it. That is, if the children put it down long enough for you to pick the pieces up!

This is a really fun and colorful block set with a lot of educational value. My husband, who designs mining equipment, was the first person to open the container and he started building vehicles with it. He loved being able to help our children complete the activities in this set. It provides a great way to spend time with your children, while they are also learning a lot.

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