Moving Creations with k'nex®
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Moving Creations with k'nex®

Ages: 8 and up
Price: $39.99
Type: Toy, Book
By hand2mind


Learn to apply STEM principles just like an engineer! The Moving Creations set from hand2mind, a leading developer of classroom learning tools for over 50 years, is created in partnership with k'nex®. The step-by-step illustrated guide contains nine different builds, educational science content, 18 STEM experiments and "Think Bigger" challenges to practice the scientific method. Includes a 98 pg. book with storage box attached. Moving Creations also comes in a travel-friendly box perfect for easy storage or fun on-the-go!

Review Highlights:

Moving Creations with K'NEX engages students in opportunities to get hands-on with K'NEX to build and experiment with a variety of science and engineering concepts. It is very engaging and can be used repeatedly to build the directed experiments from the full-color instructional guide or to build your own designs and experiments.

Moving Creations with K'NEX provides the tools and instructions for kids to create STEM projects powered with air and water. The toy provides opportunties for both guided and open-ended creative play which we love. It encourages creativity and reading critically. Children build and practice many skills such as following directions, fine motor skills, paying attention to detail, hypothesizing cause and effect, and making inferences.

What I liked most is that the engineering behind the activities is explained, the machines/experiments are interesting and engaging, and the entire product is contained, which makes organizing much easier. Also, all the pieces necessary to enjoy the product are included. My child liked building it himself and pumping the medicine droppers. His favorite projects were the digger and the catapult.

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